15 years ago, the tragic events of 9/11 inspired me to grab a pen and my guitar and start writing. My heart still breaks for the thousands victims of that fateful day and all of the service men and women (first responders and military) who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice while trying to make the world a better place.  

Please accept a free download my song "One Floor Taller" which is a tribute to those who fell on 9/11 and in past conflicts. Either click the link, or go to the Free Download page. 

""...Bridge has a singular ability to find that one detail in his lyrics that makes the moment real. This is not a gift that can be learned or taught..." - Wildy's World

" ..."Bridge exhibits a joyful look at life, love and day-to-day survival on his original 15 compositions" - Metronome Magazine

"...Bridge can tell a damn story. He does it easily with wit and humor. " - Austin Daze

My Good Friend and musical partner Perry Desmond-Davies and I have joined forces to form the acoustic duo, "Bridge and Davies".   Please visit us at our new site    

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